Unlocking the potential of Kenyan Entrepreneurs

Our vision is to enable local SMEs to realize their full potential and benefit the wider community by providing access to affordable, sustainable finance. Partner with us to take your business to the next level.

Our story

We believe entrepreneurs can be a powerful force for good. And because we come from an entrepreneurial background ourselves, we understand that securing and servicing conventional finance can be challenging for a growing business.

We created Fynvoice to offer Kenya’s under-served SME sector an alternative to traditional bank lending. Launched in 2019, our fintech factoring solution is nimble, responsive, and mobile-enabled, just like the entrepreneurs we work with.

By giving local business people an affordable and sustainable way to leverage their working capital, IMFact stimulates growth and creativity that benefits the wider community.

A part of a global financing family

Fynvoice was incubated by its parent company Cardano Development, an incubator and fund manager based in Amsterdam with over USD 6 billion assets and USD 1.5 billion capital under management. Fynvoice is a part of the wider Cardano Development group family which provides support to five established funds, including ILX, GuarantCo, Water Finance Facility, TCX and Frontclear.

Sustainable finance is at the core of our business

Fynvoice believes in a better form of finance that can sustainably fuel the success of SMEs and contribute to local market development. Fynvoice is a sustainable for-profit entity that has a direct link to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Supported and trusted by a network of reputable partners

Fynvoice is supported with grant funding from KfW on behalf of the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Fynvoice has also received early-stage grant funding from The Rockefeller Foundation and Convergence. Further to Cardano Development’s (CD) initial investment, FSD Africa Investments has provided the first external equity investment in Fynvoice. Fynvoice Kenya is the first regional hub to become operational and was developed by CD with funding support from Total Impact Capital Advisors (TIC).


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